March 26, 2006

Welcome to The Green House.

Global warming is real, and there is nothing the skeptics can do about it. But you can, and I can. Along with a growing movement of millions who are making simple and easy adjustments to their lifestyles to make big reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions.

75% of the world's energy that sustains the global economy that supports our lifestyle is derived from fossil fuel. Global warming skeptics argue that changing is going to cost too much money. They claim the maths just does not add up. And so we still have the situation where 75% of the world's energy is provided by oil and coal despite the 'realness' of global warming becoming more and more apparent every day.

Those with the hands on the levers of the economy protect the status quo to drive growth, pumping more and more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Humanity's collision path with habitat collapse has us looking like the proverbial deer in the headlights, but we don't have to sit there and wait for global warming to get worse. We can take action now, small but effective cumulative actions, to mitigate extreme climate change.

That is what this blog is about. I am here to teach myself how to make slight adjustments to my lifestyle to minimise my carbon footprint and, over time, find out how to neutralise the effect of the carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere as a result of my lifestyle. I am also curious to see how much money I can save by conserving energy.

This project is about living within one's means by taking into account the true cost of goods and services, and it is about learning stewardship, and passing on to our children the ability to prosper in a sustainable way. Teaching them to trade in the currency of life, energy.

I will be looking at how my spending can be adjusted to send out market signals to support sustainablity. An example is how the costs of cheap oil and coal should not be borne by humanity and habitat just down the track. There's not just me, there's millions, and green business is becoming big business.

Mainly this blog journey is about my becoming part of the solution, and not being an on-going part of the problem. So bookmark me, blogroll me, furl-me, but come back and see how I am going.

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