August 19, 2007

Blood moon due on August 28

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THE eastern states are in the box seat to see a rare full "blood moon" eclipse on August 28, with astronomers tipping that most people in NSW should have a clear view.

The moon will appear a vibrant red as Earth's shadow passes over it.

Nick Lomb, curator of astronomy at Sydney Observatory, said lunar eclipses occurred at least twice a year, but the chance to see one in its entirety from the eastern states was rare.

The moon will rise in the east at 5.22pm. At 6.51pm the eclipse will begin, with Earth's shadow starting to block light travelling from the sun to the moon's surface.

The moon, which will have red wavelengths from Earth's atmosphere scattered across its surface, will be fully eclipsed from 7.52pm until 9.23pm.

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August 18, 2007

Beautiful pictures from Antarctica

I love the underwater shot of the penguins! (Pics didn't come out, you have to go to link...sorry)
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