August 15, 2007

David Hicks goes green

He's a candidate for causes, this one. Bet he's looking forward to New Year's Eve.

I'm all for Hicks 'having a go' at being an environmental crusader, can't see the corporate world clamouring for his CV, and he is not allowed to make money from writing his story, so... break a leg.

But he does have baggage that risks distracting from his message.

"So there I was in the Hindu Kush, taking pot shots at the Indian Army and thinking that something was just not right....

... then I realised it was the glacier; it was much smaller than in the brochure.
clipped from
New quest for David Hicks: save the planet

While adapting to life in the high-security division in Adelaide's Yatala jail, Hicks now identifies more with Australian environmentalist Tim Flannery than Osama Bin Laden.

Hicks now spends his days reading and considering his future environmental career options, while turning down the option of having a television in his small cell, his lawyer David McLeod told The Bulletin.

Flannery, who was recently named Australian of the Year, has signalled his interest in advising Hicks on his green crusade.

"People who've had a hard life often find nature a more easy and forgiving place to engage," Flannery says. "The natural world offers you some solace."

Hicks, who arrived back in Australia on May 20 after five years in Guantanamo Bay, will be freed on December 29.

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