March 29, 2006

Change the planet globe by globe.

After my brush with the City of Sydney's box of energy efficient light bulbs giveaway of yesterday I have consoled myself and am back to exploring the subject with enthusiasm. There is plenty of information around.'s Home Technical Manual has a comprehensive section on efficient househouse lighting, an overview of different types of lightinting and their correct application. It confirms big savings are to be made by switching to CFL. The table below shows the lifecycle costs for lighting systems using different globes to produce the same amount of light. Lifecycle costs include purchase, running and replacement costs.

20 W CFL100 W
Running cost over
10,000 hours*
Average life10,000 hours1,000 hours2,000 hours
Purchase cost

1 lamp

10 bulbs @ 50c
5 lamps @ $4
Total cost$45$105$95

* Based on 10 cents per unit of electricity,
** Includes magnetic transformer losses.

Get smarter - use CFL light bulbs
Ecovoice report in their March 2006 edition that NSW will be saving $2.8 million by converting all traffic light from incandescent bulbs to new, highly efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology.

I also found a link to, an online eco friendly hardware store where I can buy my bulbs.

Remember, if the old idea is now no good, change the lightbulb.

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