March 29, 2006

Drop my watt?

The easiest way to combat global warming is to put fewer emissions up there. Since 90 per cent of our electricity is generated by burning coal, which creates greenhouse gas, lowering the electricity bill seems a good place as any to start.
So I was delighted to Google up an offer from the Lord Mayor of Sydney for free energy efficient light globes.

"City of Sydney residents who want to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions can receive a free box of energy efficient light bulbs, which are being provided through a joint initiative between the City and Low Energy Supplies and Services (LESS).

Each box contains five 15 watt bulbs, which are equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent globe, but last eight times longer than regular globes. Households who use the bulbs should save about $240 over their lifetime.

I do the maths - 20% of the energy usage of filament based light bulbs. A saving of $240 per lightbulb. That box is a $1,200 giveaway by the City of Sydney.

Great! Except I live in Wentworth, not City of Sydney. So close ... so I post as a service to my neighbours, and for a cleaner climate.
LESS estimates that 2,000 boxes will potentially help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4,800 tonnes, the equivalent of around 1,066 less cars on the road.

Ta: City of Sydney resident blogger nicholsstreetsurryhills

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TheMalau said...

It is about time that some government institutions get themselves in the practical aspects of combatting greenhouse gases emissions. Good job Sydney!

Wadard said...

Thanks for dropping by.