November 11, 2007

One billion climate refugees in our lifetimes

But, don't worry, Howard's Pacific solution will deter them from coming to Australia.
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A BILLION people - one in seven people on Earth today - could be
forced to leave their homes over the next 50 years as the effects
of climate change worsen an already serious migration crisis, a new
report from Christian Aid predicts.

The report, based on the latest United Nations population and
climate-change figures, says conflict, large-scale development
projects and widespread environmental deterioration will combine to
make life unsupportable for hundreds of millions of people, mostly
in the Sahara belt, South Asia and the Middle East.

About 155 million people are known to be displaced now by
conflict, natural disaster and development projects. This figure
could be augmented by as many as 850 million, as more people are
expected to be affected by water shortages, sea level crises,
deteriorating pasture land, conflicts and famine, the report
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