November 11, 2007

Google, Cisco to help fight global poverty

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The United Nations teamed with technology giants Google and
Cisco Systems to launch a new website on Thursday that will
provide data and a bird's eye view of global efforts to fight
poverty and meet UN  development goals by 2015.

The Millennium Development Goals, which world leaders approved
at a U.N. summit in 2000, provide the latest statistics on health,
education, malnutrition, women's equality and other measures that
contribute to poverty.

On one portion of the new site, a web surfer
can also use Google Earth's map and satellite imagery to fly
anywhere on the planet and "explore" the places where work is being
done to achieve the goals.

"They can see successes and celebrate those, and observe
failures or shortfalls ... and redouble their country's commitment
to pursue those efforts. So it's very exciting for us," said
Michael Jones, chief technologist for Google Earth and Maps.

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