June 24, 2006

World map of renewable energy distribution

Want to know what the world will look like post oil and coal? This groovy little flash program shows how far some countries are on their way to renewable energy independance, and also shows the distribution of regions rich in renewable 'natural assets'. Brazil grows 40% of its motor car fuel as sugarcane ethanol. In Iceland, 93% of homes are powered by geothermal electricity. :::[Popular Science]

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Dan Trabue said...

Cool map. Have you perchance read the book, "Ishmael"? It's a eco-philosophical novel that questions the stories that we have embraced to explain how things are and encourages enacting a new (or actually, an old) story. Part of its summary is that we can't merely be against the bad current story, we must be excited about implementing the new/old story.

This map is an exciting part of a new story for me.

Anonymous said...

i cant get the map