June 2, 2006

Snowy Hydro sale: Engineer steals Iemma's wind.

Yesterday I made mention of a letter signed by 56 prominent Australians objecting to the sale of Snowy. In today's SMH is the story of how the campaigner Doug Nicholas became fired up when NSW Premier Morris Iemma denied in Parliament his intention to sell. I guess he didn't trust Premier Morris.

That was last year. By yesterday he could unfurl his 56 Aussie a-lister autographs before the House of Representatives and the Senate, taking some of the wind out of Iemma's defense of the sale to the National Press Club of the same day. He has also done so in a manner that allows each of the signatories to claim a conscientious motivation: :::[SMH]

"I didn't win a single person [over] by telling them a single [other] person on the list," Mr Nicholas said.
But that is not stopping Morris Iemma who says we need the sale to fund health infrastructure. I am pleased the Premier recognises the past neglect to hospitals, but thought funding hospitals and schools is what I already pay my tax for.

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